how we do it

We do a clean and tidy job.

While on site

We have a range of equipment to allow us to complete our work quickly and efficiently with the minimum amount of disruption and noise. An appropriate number of operatives will be deployed according to the size of the site and the job being undertaken.

Dealing with rubbish and waste sensibly

The environment is important to us. All of our green waste is recycled, mainly by composting.

Where possible, rubbish is separated into metal, glass, wood, etc., and recycled appropriately.

Loads that are not recyclable will be disposed of at a local council run site, and we will receive a notice of tipping. All records are kept.

Beware of "fly tippers"

Fly tipping is a major problem. Irresponsible individuals and companies collect waste and dispose of it illegally wherever they can get away with it. Make sure you don't inadvertently contribute to this problem.