contract garden maintenance

Use our experience in garden tidying, renovating and clearing.

Our experienced team of gardeners can transform your garden in a short time. We handle seasonal maintenance as well as full garden renovations.


We can offer a full maintenance programme for your grounds. This can include any of the following:

  • Lawn Care - cutting, edging, strimming
  • Shrubs/Hedges etc. - Pruning and trimming where appropriate
  • Beds/Borders - tending, kept weed-free, maintaining, etc.
  • Paths/Hardstanding - kept weed-free and clear of debris
  • Leaf clearing
  • Dead-heading
  • General - litter collecting, sweeping, etc. We keep your grounds clean, tidy and presentable.

We can also offer (mainly in the winter months):

  • Mulching
  • more mjor pruning
  • renovation
  • rubbish clearance

Use Our Experience in Garden Tidying, Renovation and Clearing

Does your garden look like it's seen better days? Call us in for a new look. We can renovate your garden while keeping its character. We will look after your plants and prune your hedges, shrubs and trees in a competent manner. Or, if you prefer, we can clear the whole lot if you have a new project in mind.

Even rough areas can be made to look good with little work.

Any waste we generate is taken away and either recycled or disposed of appropriately.